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Excellent Service

I had a 2014 Ford Focus that had been in a crash and all airbags were replaced but I couldn’t get the airbag light to go out. I was then told by Ford I needed a new module for €1000. I heard about EC Diagnostics and I sent on my Airbag control module and he repaired the crash data and sent it back to me. I refitted it to the vehicle and light went out all good. Excellent service and only charged €100 “EXCELLENT SERVICE, DELIGHTED  WITH IT”

2014 Ford Focus

Really Got Me Out Of Bother

I had this car come into me running performance problems, I had tried everything with this and got nowhere, every component on the engine had been replaced and nothing helped. I had a fortune spent on this and it still the same and my customer losing patience with me. I sent it to a Volvo specialist who said it was the DPF fliter so I removed that and it made no difference, he then said it was injectors I got them tested and found no problem. Really in bother at this stage so I got in contact with EC who came and looked at it and spent an hour at it and told me the voltage was regulating to high and there was a wiring issue for this so he took the car and found a wiring issue and he repaired that. The car was now driving fine but bringing on a warning light for the DPF because I had removed as wrongly advised by the Volvo specialist. This was going to cost me another €1500 for a new DPF but EC then said he could sort that for me as well so he removed the Engine ECU and reprogrammed the vehicle to have the DPF no longer installed. So the car was finally fixed after 9 weeks messing with it  - I'm sorry I didn’t contact EC Auto Diagnostics sooner. “Really got me out of bother with this, don’t know what I would have done with this, Top man”

2011 Volvo S40

Saved Me A Fortune

I lost the keys for my Toyota Yaris and got a shock when my Toyota dealer said they couldn’t supply keys alone for this model and quoted me €1500 euro to get me up and running. I then got the number of EC and got my vehicle towed here, he was able to get a key cut and programme it into my vehicle no hassle and got me going for €250. “BRILLIANT SERVICE SAVED ME A FORTUNE THANKS AGAIN”

2012 Toyota Yaris

Made Fool Out of the Ford Dealer

I bought a ford focus non running and had it all over the place and even in at a ford dealer who couldn’t fix it. I then  got the number of EC Auto Diagnostics who took my vehicle and had it fixed the next day, they had to repair the wiring loom that had been damaged in the car and programme in the ECU I had got for the car. “REAL TOP FELLA WAS NEVER GONNA LET IT GET THE BETTER OF HIM, MADE FOOL OUT OF FORD DEALER”

2008 Ford Focus TDCI

Absolute Genius

I had a customer bring his BMW 530 into me not starting and I tried everything with it, I had 2 other people look at it and said it was a steering column module. A BMW specialist looked at it and replaced the steering column control module and the car was still the same. I then called EC Auto Diagnostics who came and looked at the car and told me it was the Engine ECU that was faulty. I rang bmw to price a new one and said it was €2800 for a new one and they wanted €400 to program it and they said a second hand one couldn’t be programmed into the vehicle. I then got back in touch with EC Diagnostics and explained the situation, he then went and found one second hand on the internet, bought it and told me he could program a second-hand one in with a bit of work. So he took the 2 ECUs with him and virginised the used one and cloned it from the faulty etc, he then came back and programmed it into the car and got my customer up and running for less than €500. “ABSOLUTE GENIUS PUT BMW DEALER TO SHAME, THANKS AGAIN EC”

BMW 530i

Never Seemed Phased By The Problem

I came to my Range Rover one day and noticed my remote central locking wasn’t working, I brought it to a so called specialist who couldn’t fix the problem, I then brought it to a landrover dealership who sold me a new key and it didn’t fix the problem and still charged me 350 euro with the problem still the same and said they didn’t no what was wrong with it, I then got in contact with EC who took my rangerover and spent days fault tracing to find a problem with the wiring and the remote receiver. He then repaired the wiring, fitted a new receiver and programmed all my keys into the car and got everything working for a very keen price” EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIAN REALLY KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING - NEVER SEEMED PHASED BY THE PROBLEM”

2008 Range Rover Sport

Real Genius With Car Electronics

Recently my Volvo had been at another garage for a service and ended up not starting with “Immobiliser Visit Workshop” on the dash. It was then passed on to two other garages who also couldn’t fix the problem who then sent it to a Volvo dealership who said they couldn’t pinpoint the problem and they would have to replace some control units and quoted me €2200. I then was recommended to EC Auto Diagnostics who took my car in and the same day rang me to say the car was fixed. They had reprogrammed all the control units and it worked out a fraction of the price I had been quoted .   “CANNOT TALK HIGHLY ENOUGH OF THIS GUY. VOLVO TOLD ME THERE WAS NO WAY THE CAR COULD BE GOT GOING, REAL GENIUS WITH CAR ELECTRONICS CANNOT PRAISE HIM ENOUGH, THANKS AGAIN EC”

2008 Volvo V50

Really Professional

I came out to my Mercedes and found the key wouldn’t turn on. There was no noise when I put the key in the ignition, I brought it to 2 garages who couldn’t fix it, it was then sent to Mercedes who said it needed a new EIS and Key and wanted €1600. I was recommended to go to EC Diagnostics who took my car, repaired my EIS unit and reprogrammed my keys and had the car up and running the next day and only charged €250.  “TOP MAN REALLY PROFESSIONAL AND KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING”

2006 Mercedes E220

Highly Recommended

I had went to my Mercedes sprinter one morning and found a “Start Error” message on the dash and vehicle not starting. I had been quoted €1400 from a Mercedes dealer to fix it. I was then referred to EC Auto Diagnostics who repaired and reprogrammed my immobilser and charged me much much less. "BRILLIANT GUY GOT ME OUT OF A RIGHT SITUATION, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

Mercedes Sprinter “Start Error”

Thanks Again EC, Top Stuff

I had my Audi in 3 garages who couldn’t get it going and left me with no options with it. I brought it to EC AAuto Diagnotics who spent a couple of hours and told me I had wiring issues. They repaired the wiring and reprogrammed the ECU with a new software update. Car is perfect I drove it away that day. “Thanks again EC, Top stuff”

Audi A4

Top Job

I had my Evo at a fella who remapped it and basically it didn’t make it any different he still charged me €350 and when I said it’s the same he told me that was it. I then found out about EC Auto Diagnostics and left my evo there, he brought my car from 300 to 360bhp, installed antilag and launch control and left my car like a rocket. Unbelievable stuff. Would recommended him to anyone. “TOP MAN, MADE SAVAGE JOB OF MY EVO”

2004 Mitsubishi Evo 8

Can't Thank Him Enough

I had a Ford Galaxy towed in not starting an d I'd been everywhere with it and my customer was getting impatient, my diagnostic check was telling me there was an injector circuit problem and we'd replaced injectors, wiring etc. We didn’t know where to go next, I got in contact with EC Diagnostics who came and looked and said my engine ecu problem. I priced an new ECU it was €1350+vat + programming. He then took the ecu with him and repaired it and came back and reprogrammed it and car started perfect and got my customer going for a very small price. “Unbelievable work – Can’t thank him enough”

2009 Ford Galaxy

Top Job Without Any Hassle Or Drama

I had my Audi a4 at 2 so-called remap specialists who both failed to remap my Audi and said it couldn’t be done. I then brought it to EC Auto Diagnostics and he took in the car and done a great remap on it and without any hassle or drama. Car is now running 170 bhp from 140 and I’m getting 10 mpg extra. “Top fella at his job, knows what he’s doing”

2013 Audi A4